Greetings From The City of Roses

Welcome to Northwest Rose Historians. Come along with us as our pages unfold like roses in spring, bringing history and folklore of our region’s oldest blooms to your doorstep. Following the tradition of dooryard gardens; mixing necessity, beauty, chance seedlings and timeless treasures tended by caring hands, we present an eclectic array of all things roses. In our pages you will meet descendants of pioneer families cherishing heirloom roses brought across the plains or around the Horn in the mid-1800s. Listening to their family stories that have been told and retold through generations, we feel ourselves stepping back in time breathing new life into an era gone by. As we page through rose history presenting posts on gardens, gardeners, visionaries and special grandparents, you may find yourself wishing to plant old garden roses and early hybrid teas. Coming up in future posts are profiles of nurseries and hybridizers working in the Northwest to improve disease resistance while retaining both the simplicity and opulence of old roses. Bits and pieces of popular culture from times past is a specialty of ours, so be watching for these curious gems.

Northwest Rose Historians replants heritage roses grown privately for generations into publicly accessible locations. Transplanted from farm field and dooryard to the grounds of libraries, museums and heritage properties, these spreading heirloom roots are continuously growing living history for us and for future generations to enjoy. The Northwest Heritage Rose Registry honor roll of roses is just beginning. As we journey along the pioneer rose trail, clippers, notebooks and cameras in hand, we ask you to join our mission, sharing stories of roses in your family and generously spreading their roots and blooms.

              A Home Among the Roses, Portland, Oregon.  The “Road of a Thousand Wonders” images are from a series of  promotional photography for the Coast Line-Shasta Route of the Southern Pacific Railroad. Circa 1890-1910