Every Rose Has A Story To Tell…

Northwest Rose Historians is an unstructured group of historians dedicated to preserving our region’s oldest blooms dating from early settlement days of the Oregon Territory through the first decades of the 20th century. What began as restoration of the Pioneer Rose Garden in Lone Fir Cemetery in Portland, Oregon, has blossomed into a passion for saving and honoring heritage roses scattered about the Northwest that are on the verge of being lost for all time.

Northwest Rose Historians re-introduces heritage roses into public spaces that are centers of the communities in which these roses were first planted. Linking living history to present day reinforces community identity and ‘sense of place’ while entrusting old roses to future generations.

91-year-old Oregon farmer about to give us a cutting from his great grandmothers Cecile Brunner Rose

Central to our preservation work is bringing awareness to heritage roses and the unique cultural relationship they share with people of the Northwest. We are actively researching, documenting and collecting rose history and folklore found in private and public archives, 19th and early 20th century diaries and letters, photographs and ephemera of all kinds. We are in the field searching for old roses; connecting with gardeners, families and organizations willing to help sustain the legacy of heritage roses for the benefit of our communities. Northwest Heritage Rose Registry is an honor roll of roses and the people who brought these roses out west or have tended to our region’s oldest blooms for generations. You can follow our progress and help expand this registry by informing us about roses in your area that deserve special recognition.

We are sharing information in this blog and are available for presentations. Northwest Rose Historians is working on a book about rose history of the Northwest and, most importantly, we are dedicated to replanting heritage blooms in publicly accessible locations for all to enjoy. If you have information about roses brought to the Northwest during early settlement days through the Edwardian era please contact us. It is helpful people like you that are making old garden rose and early hybrid tea preservation possible.

Please contact us and tell the story of your rose. (Please use contact tab above header.) Thank you.