Northwest Heritage Rose Registry

The Northwest Heritage Rose Registry is our honor roll of roses and the people whose caring hands have tended these roses for generations. By collecting and sharing our region’s rose history and folklore we are increasing awareness of the cultural value of heirloom roses and the unique relationship these old garden roses and early hybrid teas share with Northwesterners. Central to our mission is replanting roses that have grown on private property for many generations to public spaces of the communities in which these roses were first planted. Linking living history to present times reinforces community identity and sense of place while entrusting our region’s oldest blooms to future generations.

1884 Nothiger-Morse Moss Rose planting - Pioneer Courthouse, Portland , Oregon February 18, 2011

The Northwest Heritage Rose Registry is budding out all over and coming into full bloom. This section of the NWRH blog tells the stories of people and families that have kept our region’s oldest roses alive for 100 years or more. The first two roses were planted at the Pioneer Courthouse in downtown Portland, Oregon, and are each over 150 years old. Our next project replants a rose cared for by three generations for over 100 years in Shedd, Oregon. A ceremonial planting of a rose in memory of Mary Drain Albro took place on the campus of Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon on February 14, 2011. This was the 75th anniversary date of her founding the Pioneer Rose Association. Read more about these historic roses and the amazing people who care enough to keep them growing for over a century. Up coming posts will have photographs, stories and so much more.

Do you know of any century roses that should be included in the Northwest Heritage Rose Registry? Listing roses in this honor roll of living history preserves family stories and rose heritage that is much too important to lose. Please contact us.